General Dentistry

Maintenance of good oral hygiene combined with regular dental check-ups helps improve your overall health. At Phillip Island Family Dental Care, our team of qualified dentists offers the highest level in patient care to ensure optimal dental health through maintenance and preventative programs and patient education.

Meticulous cleaning and maintenance of the teeth and gums will be looked after by our dentists and they will develop a personalised oral hygiene program for the patient's individual needs. This program focuses on nurturing healthy teeth and gums and preventing decay and gum disease. Healthy gums are a long term investment for beautiful teeth and maintaining healthy gums is the foundation of good oral health. Our dentists will monitor your oral hygiene helping you to achieve your optimal oral health.

At Phillip Island Family Dental Care, we ensure:

- Personalised Appointment.

- Evaluation of health and gums.

- Meticulous cleaning and polishing of the teeth including below gum level.

- Identification of oral conditions such as bad breath and dry mouth and aid in treatment of such and advice on oral products to aid specific oral conditions.

- Application of decay preventing agents.

- Taking dental x-rays for diagnostic purposes.

- Instruction on correct brushing and flossing techniques and advice on appropriate oral hygiene products to suit the individuals.

- Outline of a personalised oral hygiene program with recommended 3, 6 or 12 monthly visits, recommended future treatment and referral for specific treatment if required We stock a wide range of products and the dentist will recommend certain product suitability for individuals.

  • - Toothbrushes- manual/electric.

- Interdental cleaning devices and irrigation devices. 

- Oral cleaning aids for patients with implants.

  • - Oral rinses and speciality products for oral conditions such as 'dry mouth'.

- Occlusal Splints or Grinding Appliances.

  • - Sports Mouthguard.

We accept all Healthfund, Medicare CDBS & Private Patients

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